Midweek Team

Midweek Team

Athlete Profile: Bruce Krip Nickname: Kripper, The Krippler, B1 Bomber
Age: 36 Height: 180 cm Race Weight: 68 kg
Occupation: Clinical researcher
Interests: Food, reading, music, current events, cars, gadgets
Favourite Music: Chill-out, classical, retro
Favourite Food: Tapas
Favourite Race Food: Clif bars
Favourite Pre-Race Meal: Oatmeal and fruit with eggs for morning races;
brown rice and beans the night before
Favourite Training Food: Banana cookies
Favourite Workout: Tempo intervals and anything involving hills
Favourite Training Tool: Heart rate monitor
Favourite Race: Stage 5 of Tour of Tobago
Top Race Results:
1st, 2001 Ziggy’s O’Cup Road Race;
3rd, 2001 Preston St. Criterium;
8th, 2001 Tour of Tobago;
15th, 2002 National Road Race Championships,
7th, 2002 La Bicicletta GP Stage Race
This Year’s Goals:
Top 10 at Tour of Tobago,
Classique Montréal-Québec Louis Garneau,
help the team win as many races as possible!
Type of Rider: Long-distance, climber, do well in the heat

Sample Training Week:
Monday: 1 to 2 hours recovery ride, easy
Tuesday: Recovery ride or some power sprints depending on recovery from weekend races – 2 to 3 hours
Wednesday: Midweek Club Criterium
Thursday: Long, steady, easy ride: 3 to 4 hours
Friday: Easy spin; 1 to 2 hours
Saturday: If no race, 1 to 2 hours with 2 or 3 hard efforts to open the legs up

Athlete Profile: Chris Atkins Nickname: Tiny
Age: 24 Height: 195 cm; Race Weight: 192 lbs.
Occupation: Mechanical Engineer
Interests: Product design, and cycling of course
Favourite Music: Anything different than what I usually hear
over and over on the radio
Favourite Food: Greek or Vietnamese
Favourite Race Food: Carbo drinks and Powerbar gel
Favourite Pre-Race Meal: Kraft Dinner… really!
Favourite Training Food: Powerbar
Favourite Workout: Line sprints
Favourite Training Tool: The leg press in my basement
Favourite Race: Tour d’Abitibi… very humbling
Top Race Results: Getting back into racing after injury
and corrective surgery. Had several wins provincially
as a junior rider. Several strong finishes last year
with a second to Dionne in the line sprints at Multi-Laser
Gananoque Stage Race
This Year’s Goals: Further develop strength and endurance
for stage racing.
Type of rider: X-Large

Sample Training Week:
Monday: Active recovery
Tuesday: Sprints
Wednesday: Midweek Club Criterium or interval session
Thursday: Long distance
Friday: Active recovery
Saturday: Form sprints
Sunday: Race

Athlete Profile: Peter Morse (Team Captain) Nickname: Pete
Age: 31 Height: 5’11”; Race Weight: 160 lbs.
Occupation: Massage Therapist
Interests: Anything on wheels, travel
Favourite Music: Metal
Favourite Food: Sweets
Favourite Race Food: Extran
Favourite Pre-Race Meal: Cereal and coffee
Favourite Training Food: Stroopwafel
Favourite Workout: Racing
Favourite Training Tool: My winter beater with full fenders
Favourite Race: Classique Montréal-Québec Louis Garneau
Top Race Results:
1st, 2003 Good Friday Road Race;
8th, Classique Montréal-Québec Louis Garneau;
1996, Ontario Cyclocross Champion
This Year’s Goals: Team victories;
to improve all ’round at cycling

Sample Training Week:
Monday: Ride
Tuesday: Ride
Wednesday: Midweek Club Criterium
Thursday: Midweek Club Time Trial
Friday: Ride
Saturday: Ride or race
Sunday: Race

Athlete Profile: David Fry Nickname: Double Dent
Age: 31 Height: 5’9″; Race Weight: 158 lbs.
Occupation: Grade 5 teacher
Interests: Sports, politics, documentaries
Favourite Music: Reggae and classical
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Race Food: Nutri-bars
Favourite Pre-Race Meal: Pasta and chicken the night before
Favourite Training Food: Bananas
Favourite Workout: Motor pacing
Favourite Training Tool: Heart rate monitor
Favourite Race: Chin Picnic Criterium
Top Race Results: Various top 5 finishes over the years
This Year’s Goals: Have a least one team member in the
top 5 of every race we enter this year
Type of rider: Sprinter

Sample Training Week:
Monday: Secret
Tuesday: Secret
Wednesday: Midweek Club Criterium
Thursday: Secret
Friday: Secret
Saturday: Secret
Sunday: Race